FG/LD/AM Series


The FG/LD/AM series is your material solution for applications requiring low density and high flow capabilities with adhesion to PP. It is particularly suitable for automotive interior applications for Americas Market. The compounds are available in black.

Processing Method: Injection Molding
Color / RAL DESIGN: Black

Typical applications

  • Automotive Interior
  • Interior mats, e.g. floor, console, dashboard and door mats
  • Grip applications
  • Soft touch for grips, switches and mats


Material advantages

  • Adhesion to PP
  • Low density
  • Optimized flow properties
  • Insert molding possible
  • In-process recycling possible
  • Precoloration in all colors
  • Controlled level of emission and odor, suitable for automotive interior


Regulations / Approvals *

  • DIN 75201-B - Fogging
  • VDA 270 B3 - Odor
  • 49 CFR §571.302 (FMVSS 302)
  • SAE J2412


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Compound name
DIN ISO 48-4
Shore A
DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Tensile Strength
DIN 53504/ISO 37
Elongation at Break
DIN 53504/ISO 37
Flow Spiral [760 bar,
DSOP Lab 2032
TC6OIG-BLCK Black 65 0.933 7.0 625 90
TC7OIG-BLCK Black 75 0.933 7.5 600 80
TC8OIG-BLCK Black 85 0.930 10.0 600 70
All values published in this data sheet are rounded average values.
The shelf life of the TPE granules is 24 months from delivery if storage instructions are observed and the product is stored in the unopened original KRAIBURG TPE packaging. Store in dry conditions at room temperature (below 40 °C) away from heat sources and direct sunlight! Contact with nitrogen oxides must be avoided during storage!
For further information and individual custom solutions please contact our customer service.
* Regulations a compound complies with and approvals granted are displayed here. Please note: All regulations and approvals for all compounds of a series are collectively shown in the overview of the respective product series, i.e. not all regulations and approvals shown in the overview apply to each individual compound.